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Now for something completely different SPIDER EYES

1/16/2012 9:59:58 AM

The helmet light like no other light

the Prototytpe has been around for a year now and visited quite a few riders around the UK . the unofficial name is Spidereyes because it has the bug eyed look to it . [IMG][/IMG] contains 2 XML Leds and 2 XPG leds The XML`s are behind the bug-eyed lenses for the penetrating beam and the XPGs are providing the close up floody light . [IMG][/IMG]. It uses a 14.8 volt Li Ion battery and can be made to use your old but still good batteries from 11.1 volt up to 18 volt . you can have a 3 level mode or a five level mode this is programmed when building the light . The beam is a little different to what is out there and as such may not appeal to everyone , Though most who have trialled it have stated they want one . The square throw part of the beam will easily shine 200 metres down the trail and is superb for just looking around when riding the floody bit lights up the near ground and with out it the beam would be not a good biking light . The good news for those that are waiting for one of these lights is the first batch is being machined now and should be ready for use soon . ( watch this space ) Here is a beamshot of the beastie [IMG][/IMG] Weight of the light head with helmet mount is 138 grams lumens in theory are approx 2600 lumens

1/17/2012 6:51:55 AM